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Most of us eventually outgrow our home. Our family expands, we accumulate things over time or we just long for that extra space. Then the question becomes, do we move or add on?

Any home can benefit from that great addition

The extra space offers so many options…more family space, more party space or just simply adding more value to your home. You deserve that extra space and we will bring that to you! Whether it’s a sun room, a family room or an office, whatever add-on you wish for.

 Make room! Some of the benefits your addition will create:

  • Increasing the value to your home
  • Providing you with the extra room you need
  • Creating a space for relaxing or quality family time
  • Give your kids a place to watch TV or you a place to work

At times any home can get that crowded feeling. It is always nice to have a way to step off into your own little spot, whether it’s to read, watch TV or just have a place to send the kids to do homework, we would all love that!

Just because you add on doesn’t mean your heating and cooling bills start going up either. At Sullivan we utilize sustainable or green building materials which incorporate energy and water efficiency to better insulating your new addition. So you and your family will be able to spend time there no matter what the weather.

 Relax and enjoy.

At Sullivan we will build you the perfect addition. The extra space you desire and need! It’s your call! Our family business has 30 years of experience in building additions! We will make you satisfied customers! We offer you the highest quality materials possible coupled with our honest and reliable professional service. We do the work and oversee every last bit to ensure you get the best possible addition. Contact us today to begin your journey into a fabulous new haven for your home!