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Custom Decks
Everyone loves a deck. If you don’t have one, you want one! An amazing deck adds that beautiful outdoor haven you want without adding on an entire addition. There is no better place for just relaxing, BBQing, having parties and even enjoying holidays.

Our clients love our decks

No matter what type or size of home you have, we can create and outdoor space for you with a new deck. Decks add character, charm; curb appeal and enjoyment, not to mention adding value to your home! There’s not a home anywhere that wouldn’t look better with a good looking deck!

The allure of a deck

Just imagine enjoying a leisurely dinner or a morning cup of coffee on your gorgeous new deck. How beckoning a thought is that! When you have a deck it is usually one of the most used spaces in your home and the favorite go to spot. You can step out onto your deck any time you want and just breathe…relax….think…sit and enjoy!

Whether you prep a meal on the grill or cook a scrumptious meal in your kitchen, you deck is the ideal place to enjoy it! Any time of the year is deck season! A deck provides that extra room to accommodate your guests for parties and entertaining. A great buffet spread looks even more appealing with a great outdoor decor going.

There are many benefits to adding a deck

With a great deck all you’ll get is enjoyment! At Sullivan our reliable professional service along with our years of experience is what will create the deck you envision. We will build your deck the way you want it, with the best possible materials to meet the highest standards.

We will give you a free honest estimate and work with you to create your deck the way you want it on a budget you can afford. Trust Sullivan to bring you an amazing deck that you will enjoy for years to come!